Sansui Non Android List – Hard reset & How to Factory Reset

Sansui Mobile Hard Reset. You can easily unlock your android mobile phone for free. You do not need any software knowledge. Here we are also provide password recovery with android tools & drivers and With your Google account ( Gmail username and password) etc. Please note that Hard reset delete all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts and Files etc.


What is Hard Reset ?

Hard reset, also known as a factory data reset or master reset, is the restoration (Format) of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications (Apps) and data added by the user are removed means permanently deleted.


Sansui Mobile Hard Reset – List :

Non – Android Models :

  1. Sansui Z42 Pro
  2. Sansui A11
  3. Sansui X70
  4. Sansui X71
  5. Sansui X44
  6. Sansui X46
  7. Sansui X47
  8. Sansui X45
  9. Sansui X42
  10. Sansui Q42
  11. Sansui X48
  12. Sansui R12
  13. Sansui X10
  14. Sansui X41
  15. Sansui R16
  16. Sansui A10 Active
  17. Sansui Q40
  18. Sansui X40
  19. Sansui S283
  20. Sansui Z13
  21. Sansui Z11
  22. Sansui M12
  23. Sansui M2
  24. Sansui R11
  25. Sansui Z40
  26. Sansui Z14
  27. Sansui S351
  28. Sansui Z71
  29. Sansui R3 Flame
  30. Sansui SA42G
  31. Sansui Z12
  32. Sansui Q41
  33. Sansui M14
  34. Sansui S244 Pearl
  35. Sansui S201
  36. Sansui R4
  37. Sansui M15
  38. Sansui R2
  39. Sansui R24
  40. Sansui S181
  41. Sansui S281
  42. Sansui S286 Mojo
  43. Sansui M17
  44. Sansui S221
  45. Sansui Z16
  46. Sansui M24
  47. Sansui S241
  48. Sansui Z41
  49. Sansui S183
  50. Sansui S285
  51. Sansui X43
  52. Sansui X11
  53. Sansui S184
  54. Sansui R1
  55. Sansui S202
  56. Sansui Z15
  57. Sansui S182
  58. Sansui S242
  59. Sansui R14
  60. Sansui Flick R20
  61. Sansui Pulse
  62. Sansui R22
  63. Sansui Z10
  64. Sansui M10
  65. Sansui R18




Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset :-

You must read following article before hard reset or factory reset any mobile phone. If you not follow below post, You will lose some valuable data in your mobile phone. These important points will help you to reset your android or windows mobile without any error.

Most Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset



Why need to perform Factory Reset :-

Common reasons to perform a factory reset or hard reset :

  • To fix a malfunctioning electronic device (Like mobile or tablet etc).
  • To remove a file or app or virus that is difficult to remove on your device.
  • To clear or remove the memory space on the electronic device.
  • To clear or delete the configuration and settings of the electronic device to the factory default settings.
  • To remove or delete personal information from the device before selling or giving away the device.

Note:- a factory reset or hard reset or password reset may only hide data from the Operating System (OS ), So it appears it no longer exists. This is not the same effect as data deletion or formatting(Removing),  and may not therefore be wholly suitable in situations where the Electronic device changes ownership.


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