Sony Xperia M2 D2306 Hard Reset – 5 Easy Methods to Unlock

You can easily Hard reset your Sony Xperia M2 D2306 android mobile. Please note that, Factory Reset delete all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts and Files etc.


What is Hard Reset ?

Hard reset, also known as a factory data reset or master reset, is the restoration (Format) of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications (Apps) and data added by the user are removed means permanently deleted.


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Check out this link before Reset your device. Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset.



Sony Xperia M2 D2306 Hard Reset

hard reset android menu

Sony Xperia M2 D2306 Hard reset method. Hard reset Delete all your data like photos, contacts and applications (Apps) in your android mobile.

You will not recover your files after reset your mobile. So Backup all data before reset.

  1. Switch off or Turn off your phone.
  2. Then, Press and Hold
    1. Power button + Volume Up + Power button (or)
    2. Volume Up + Power button
  3. Please try above steps one by one, Until you will see Android Exclamation mark.
  4. Press camera button to get recovery menu.
  5. Next, select option : “wipe data / factory reset” using Volume Down, and Power button to confirm operation.
  6. After that, choose option “yes – Delete all user data” with Volume Down, to select and Power button to accept.
  7. Finally, press Power button to enter option “ reboot system now ”.
  8. Finally, Hard reset done on your mobile.

Now you can Restore your backed up data.



Watch video from below link to unlock your mobile

How to Hard Reset Sony Xperia M2



Sony Xperia M2 D2306 Factory Reset

Factory Reset from settings

You can make your settings to factory defaults. factory reset will erase all your data. To perform a mobile factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow Below Simple steps:

  1. First , Open the Settings menu, On your mobile device.
  2. Then, Under “ Personal ” touch Backup & reset Option. You need to enter your  PIN, pattern, or password.
  3. If you can not see Backup & Reset, try to find Reset option in your settings.
  4. Next, Under “Personal data,” touch Factory data reset.
  5. Next read the information on the screen and touch Reset phone option.
  6. If you have a screen lock, you will need to enter your  PIN, pattern, or password.
  7. Then after, When prompted, touch Erase everything Option to erase or delete all data from your mobile device’s internal storage.
  8. Finally, When your device has finished formatting, select the option to reboot your device.
  9. Factory reset done on your mobile.



Sony Xperia M2 D2306 Reset Codes

  1. First Check your mobile device, that is it on.
  2. Now press the Mobile dialer and tap this code: *#*#7378423#*#*
  3. Then confirm all information on your screen.
  4. Done. Reset done on your mobile.


Xperia M2 D2306 Reset – Repair Phone Feature

You can reset your screen lock by using the Repair Sony android mobile phone feature in the PC Companion application (for Windows computers or PC) or the Sony Bridge for Mac application (for Apple Mac computers or PC).

Note : The Repair Mobile feature replaces the software in your mobile device. All personal data like apps and files etc, stored in your mobile device will be lost.

Note : You must need to enter your Google account username and password in order to use the device after reset.


To repair the device software using PC Companion

  1. Download the PC Companion program and install it on a Windows computer.
  2. Start the PC Companion program from your PC or computer.
  3. Below Support Zone, click Start.
  4. Under Phone / tablet Software Update, click Start, then click Repair my phone / tablet and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your Sony mobile.


To repair the device software using Bridge for Mac

  1. Download the Sony Bridge for Mac program and install it on a Mac computer.
  2. Start the Sony Bridge for Mac program from your computer.
  3. Select Xperia > Repair Xperia device and follow the onscreen instructions on the screen in your PC.



Sony M2 D2306 Password Recovery – Android Device Manager

Sony Xperia Password Recovery With Android Device Manager

You must have previously enabled Android Device Manager on your Xperia device to reset with this method. Also, Your android mobile device must have an active Internet connection . A full factory data reset is performed when you choose this method.

All content on your Sony Xperia mobile device will be deleted. In some cases, the content on the Micro SD card might not get erased or formatted during an Android Device Manager reset. So please remove your Sd card before reset.


Note : Make sure you know your Google account means Gmail account username and password. Depending on your security settings, your Sony Xperia M2 D2306ndroid mobile device may lock after Hard Reset. Then you need to enter your Gmail account username and password in order to use the mobile device.

If you forgot your google account username and password, You can recover or reset it using the Google Account Recovery page.


To reset the Xperia device using Android Device Manager

  1. In your computer or in your mobile browser if possible, go to Google Android Device Manager.
  2. Sign in to the Google (Gmail) Account that you previously added to your Sony mobile device.
  3. If you having more than one android mobile device, select the arrow next to the name of the mobile device that you are locked out of.
  4. Then, Select Erase option. Be aware that this method will permanently delete all of your data like your apps, photos, personal files and music etc. After you erase or wipe  the content of your Sony mobile phone, Android Device Manager will no longer work on it.
  5. After you remotely reset the content of your mobile phone, you can set up your mobile device again with your Google account and a new screen lock if you want.


Why need to perform Factory Reset  :-

Common reasons to perform a factory reset or hard reset :

  • To fix a malfunctioning electronic device (Like mobile or tablet etc).
  • To remove a file or app or virus that is difficult to remove on your device.
  • To clear or remove the memory space on the electronic device.
  • To clear or delete the configuration and settings of the electronic device to the factory default settings.
  • To remove or delete personal information from the device before selling or giving away the device.

Note:- a factory reset or hard reset or password reset may only hide data from the Operating System (OS ), So it appears it no longer exists. This is not the same effect as data deletion or formatting(Removing),  and may not therefore be wholly suitable in situations where the Electronic device changes ownership.


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