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Nokia 7260 Hard reset – How To Factory Reset

Nokia 7260 Hard Reset. You can easily unlock or factory reset your Nokia mobile phone for free. You do not need any software knowledge. Here we are also provide password recovery with Nokia tools & drivers.

Please note that Hard reset delete all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts and Files etc.  Also provide reset codes (Keys) and how to unlock mobile PIN or Pattern. You can also Format or Delete Privacy protection password. And flashing your mobile with flash file.


What is Hard Reset ?

Hard reset, also known as a factory data reset or master reset, is the restoration (Format) of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications (Apps) and data added by the user are removed means permanently deleted.

You need to Hard reset your mobile, If your mobile performance is very slow or Hanging problems or Effected by any virus.



Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset :-

You must read following article before hard reset or factory reset any mobile phone. If you not follow below post, You will lose some valuable data in your mobile phone. These important points will help you to reset your android or windows mobile without any error.

Most Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset



How to factory Reset Nokia 7260 :-

  1. First, Switch on the mobile phone.
  2. Then, Follow below any one sequence.
  3. Menu -> Settings -> Restore Factory Settings.
  4. Menu -> Settings -> Phone -> Phone management -> Factory Settings -> Delete data and restore.
  5. Menu -> Settings -> Rest. factory sett.  -> Restore settings only or Restore all. -> Continue.
  6. If you not find above options, try to find reset related option in settings menu.
  7. If mobile ask any code, confirm operation by type this code: “12345 or 1234“.
  8. Wait for while, Finally Factory Reset done on your mobile.



Nokia 7260 Hard Reset :-

  1. First Switch On your mobile by pressing power button.
  2. Then,  tap this code: *#7370#
  3. Now your phone will restarts.
  4. Wait for a while, Hard Reset done on your mobile.



DISCLAIMER: This Reset information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobile thieves. Please do not try any of following resetting methods if you are not familiar with android  mobile phones. We’ll not be responsible for the use or misuse of this valuable information, including loss of data like apps and contacts or hardware damage. So use it at your own risk.


Nokia 7260 Reset Codes:

  1. *#7780#    – This code is for Restore Factory default Settings
  2. *#06#               – Its Shows IMEI Number
  3. *#67705646#  –  Its Change LCD Contrast
  4. *#0000#            –  Its Shows Software Version
  5. *#92702689# – Secret menu -> you can find serial number, manufacture date, life timer and last repair date etc



Soft Reset of Nokia 7260 :-

  1. Press and hold Mobile Power button and wait until the phone turns off.
  2. Then, Remove battery.
  3. Wait about 10 seconds.
  4. Put battery again.
  5. Now hold down the Power key for a short while, and wait until the mobile phone turns on.



Why need to perform Factory Reset :-

Common reasons to perform a factory reset or hard reset :

  • To fix a malfunctioning electronic device (Like mobile or tablet etc).
  • To remove a file or app or virus that is difficult to remove on your device.
  • To clear or remove the memory space on the electronic device.
  • To clear or delete the configuration and settings of the electronic device to the factory default settings.
  • To remove or delete personal information from the device before selling or giving away the device.

Note:- a factory reset or hard reset or password reset may only hide data from the Operating System (OS), So it appears it no longer exists. This is not the same effect as data deletion or formatting (Removing),  and may not therefore be wholly suitable in situations where the Electronic device changes ownership.



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