Best Methods to Hard Reset Mobiistar X1 Dual

You can easily Hard Reset Mobiistar X1 Dual android mobile easily. You can also unlock your Mobiistar mobile without any software or password.


Hard Reset deletes all your mobile data like media files, apps, and settings etc. So before resetting backup all your mobile data if possible.


Make sure to backup before reset to prevent data loss.



Hard Reset

  • Power Off your Mobiistar X1 Dual Mobile.
  • Hold Down the Volume Down and Power Button.
  • When you see the Mobiistar Logo appear, release all the Buttons.


  • Select Clear eMMC option, By using to navigate Volume Buttons and to confirm Power Button.
  • Hard reset Done on your Mobiistar X1 Dual mobile.



Factory Reset

  • Power On your Mobiistar X1 Dual Mobile.
  • After that, Go to the Settings menu.
  • Now Select System option.

  • In this step choose Reset options.

  • Afterward, Select option Erase all data [Factory data reset].

  • Finally, Choose Reset Phone option.

  • Factory Reset Done on your Mobiistar X1 Dual mobile.



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