Coolpad All Mobiles Reset and Unlock Methods

You can easily unlock your Coolpad android mobile phones for free. You do not need any software knowledge. Here we also provide password recovery with android tools & drivers and With your Google account (Gmail username and password) etc.

Please note that Hard reset deletes all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts, and Files etc.



What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset, also known as a factory data reset or master reset, is the restoration (Format) of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications (Apps) and data added by the user have removed means permanently deleted.


Coolpad Mobiles List

  1. Coolpad Cool Play 7C Reset
  2. Coolpad Mega 5A Reset
  3. Coolpad Cool Play 7 Reset
  4. Coolpad Note 6 Reset
  5. Coolpad Cool 2 Reset
  6. Coolpad Mega 4A Reset
  7. Coolpad A1 Reset
  8. Coolpad Defiant Reset
  9. Coolpad Conjr Reset
  10. Coolpad Cool Changer 1C Reset
  11. Coolpad Note 3 Plus Reset
  12. Coolpad Note 3 Lite Reset
  13. Coolpad Note 3 Reset
  14. Coolpad Rogue Reset
  15. Coolpad Cool 1 Dual
  16. Coolpad Cool Play 6C Reset
  17. Coolpad Cool M7 Reset
  18. Coolpad Cool S1 Reset
  19. Coolpad Max Reset
  20. Coolpad Note 5 Reset
  21. Coolpad Note 5 Lite Reset
  22. Coolpad Note 3s Reset
  23. Coolpad Mega 3 Reset
  24. Coolpad Note3 Plus Reset
  25. Coolpad A8 Reset
  26. Coolpad Note 5 Lite C Reset
  27. Coolpad Cool Play 6 Reset
  28. Coolpad Mega 2.5D Reset
  29. Coolpad Cool 1 Reset
  30. Coolpad Dazen X7 Reset
  31. Coolpad Dazen 1 Reset
  32. Coolpad 5010 Reset
  33. Coolpad 5108 Reset
  34. Coolpad 5109 Reset
  35. Coolpad 5110 Reset
  36. Coolpad 5120A Reset
  37. Coolpad 5210 Reset
  38. Coolpad 5210A Reset
  39. Coolpad 5210D Reset
  40. Coolpad 5210S Reset
  41. Coolpad 5211 Reset
  42. Coolpad 5213 Reset
  43. Coolpad 5216 Reset
  44. Coolpad 5216D Reset
  45. Coolpad 5216S Reset
  46. Coolpad 5217 Reset
  47. Coolpad 5218D Reset
  48. Coolpad 5218S Reset
  49. Coolpad 5219 Reset
  50. Coolpad 5230 Reset
  51. Coolpad 5310 Reset
  52. Coolpad 5820 Reset
  53. Coolpad 5832 Reset
  54. Coolpad 5855 Reset
  55. Coolpad 5860 Reset
  56. Coolpad 5860 Plus Reset
  57. Coolpad 5860s Reset
  58. Coolpad 5870 Reset
  59. Coolpad 5876 Reset
  60. Coolpad 5879 Reset
  61. Coolpad 5880 Reset
  62. Coolpad 5890 Reset
  63. Coolpad 5891 Reset
  64. Coolpad 5891Q Reset
  65. Coolpad 5892 Reset
  66. Coolpad 5899 Reset
  67. Coolpad 5910 Reset
  68. Coolpad 5930 Reset
  69. Coolpad 5950 Reset
  70. Coolpad 5951 Reset
  71. Coolpad 7005 Reset
  72. Coolpad 7011 Reset
  73. Coolpad 7019 Reset
  74. Coolpad 7019A Reset
  75. Coolpad 7020 Reset
  76. Coolpad 7060 Reset
  77. Coolpad 7230 Reset
  78. Coolpad 7230S Reset
  79. Coolpad 7231 Reset
  80. Coolpad 7235 Reset
  81. Coolpad 7236 Reset
  82. Coolpad 7260 Reset
  83. Coolpad 7260 Plus Reset
  84. Coolpad 7266 Reset
  85. Coolpad 7268 Reset
  86. Coolpad 7269 Reset
  87. Coolpad 7270 Reset
  88. Coolpad 7290 Reset
  89. Coolpad 7295 Reset
  90. Coolpad 7295A Reset
  91. Coolpad 7295C Reset
  92. Coolpad 7296 Reset
  93. Coolpad 7298A Reset
  94. Coolpad 7320 Reset
  95. Coolpad 7500 Reset
  96. Coolpad 7728 Reset
  97. Coolpad 8010 Reset
  98. Coolpad 8012 Reset
  99. Coolpad 8013 Reset
  100. Coolpad 8020 Reset
  101. Coolpad 8020 Plus Reset
  102. Coolpad 8022 Reset
  103. Coolpad 8026 Reset
  104. Coolpad 8028 Reset
  105. Coolpad 8050 Reset
  106. Coolpad 8056 Reset
  107. Coolpad 8060 Reset
  108. Coolpad 8070 Reset
  109. Coolpad 8070D Reset
  110. Coolpad 8076 Reset
  111. Coolpad 8076D Reset
  112. Coolpad 8077 Reset
  113. Coolpad 8079 Reset
  114. Coolpad 8085 Reset
  115. Coolpad 8085N Reset
  116. Coolpad 8085Q Reset
  117. Coolpad 8089 Reset
  118. Coolpad 8122 Reset
  119. Coolpad 8150 Reset
  120. Coolpad 8150D Reset
  121. Coolpad 8150S Reset
  122. Coolpad 8180 Reset
  123. Coolpad 8185 Reset
  124. Coolpad 8190 Reset
  125. Coolpad 8190Q Reset
  126. Coolpad 8195 Reset
  127. Coolpad 8198T Reset
  128. Coolpad 8295 Reset
  129. Coolpad 8295C Reset
  130. Coolpad 8295M Reset
  131. Coolpad 8297 Reset
  132. Coolpad 8297W Reset
  133. Coolpad 8670 Reset
  134. Coolpad 8705 Reset
  135. Coolpad 8710 Reset
  136. Coolpad 8720 Reset
  137. Coolpad 8720L Reset
  138. Coolpad 8720Q Reset
  139. Coolpad 8729 Reset
  140. Coolpad 8730 Reset
  141. Coolpad 8730L Reset
  142. Coolpad 8735 Reset
  143. Coolpad 8736 Reset
  144. Coolpad 8750 Reset
  145. Coolpad 8810 Reset
  146. Coolpad 8811 Reset
  147. Coolpad 8870 Reset
  148. Coolpad 8908 Reset
  149. Coolpad 8920 Reset
  150. Coolpad 8950 Reset
  151. Coolpad 8970L Reset
  152. Coolpad 9070 Reset
  153. Coolpad 9080W Reset
  154. Coolpad 9100 Reset
  155. Coolpad 9120 Reset
  156. Coolpad 9150C Reset
  157. Coolpad 9150W Reset
  158. Coolpad 9900 Reset
  159. Coolpad 9930 Reset
  160. Coolpad 9960 Reset
  161. Coolpad 9970 Reset
  162. Coolpad 9976A Reset
  163. Coolpad 9976T Reset
  164. Coolpad A520 Reset
  165. Coolpad Cool1 dual Reset
  166. Coolpad D530 Reset
  167. Coolpad D539 Reset
  168. Coolpad D5800 Reset
  169. Coolpad Dazen 1 Reset
  170. Coolpad Dazen X7 Reset
  171. Coolpad E239 Reset
  172. Coolpad ivvi K1 mini Reset
  173. Coolpad K1 Reset
  174. Coolpad Max Reset
  175. Coolpad Mega Reset
  176. Coolpad Modena Reset
  177. Coolpad Modena 2 Reset
  178. Coolpad N916 Reset
  179. Coolpad N930 Reset
  180. Coolpad N950 Reset
  181. Coolpad Porto Reset
  182. Coolpad Porto S Reset
  183. Coolpad Pro 2 Reset
  184. Coolpad Quattro 4G Reset
  185. Coolpad Rogue Reset
  186. Coolpad S6 Reset
  187. Coolpad Shine Reset
  188. Coolpad Torino Reset
  189. Coolpad Torino S Reset
  190. Coolpad Vodafone Smart 4G Reset
  191. Coolpad W706 Reset
  192. Coolpad W706 Plus Reset
  193. Coolpad W708 Reset
  194. Coolpad W711 Reset
  195. Coolpad W713 Reset
  196. Coolpad W721 Reset
  197. Coolpad W770 Reset
  198. Coolpad Y76 Reset
  199. Coolpad E570 Reset




Important Things


You must read the following article before hard reset or factory reset any mobile phone. If you do not follow the below post, You will lose some valuable data on your mobile phone. These important points will help you to reset your android or windows mobile without any error.

Most Important Things to Know Before Hard Reset


Coolpad Hard Reset

hard reset android menu

Coolpad Hard reset method. Hard reset Delete all your data like photos, contacts, and applications (Apps) in your android mobile. You will not recover your files after resetting your mobile. So try to recover your password first. If you can not recover your PIN or Password, then follow this method.

  1. Switch off or Turn off your phone.
  2. Then, Press and Hold
    1. Volume Up + Power button (or)
    2. Home button + Volume Up + Power button (or)
    3. Volume Down + Power button (or)
    4. Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button
  3. Please try above all steps one by one, Until you will see Android exclamation mark.
  4. Next, While holding down the Power button press and release Volume Up Button.
  5. Next, select option: “wipe data/factory reset” using Volume Down, and Power button to confirm the operation.
  6. After that, choose the option “yes” with Volume Down, to select and Power button to accept.
  7. Finally, press Power button to enter option “ reboot system now ”.
  8. Finally, Hard reset done on your mobile.



Coolpad Factory Reset

Factory Reset from settings

You can make your settings to factory defaults. factory reset will erase all your data. To perform a mobile factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow Below Simple steps:

  1. First, Open the Settings menu, On your mobile device.
  2. Then, Under “ Personal ” touch Backup & reset Option. You need to enter your  PIN, pattern, or password.
  3. If you can not see Backup & Reset, try to find Reset option in your settings.
  4. Next, Under “Personal data,” touch Factory data reset.
  5. Next, read the information on the screen and touch Reset phone option.
  6. If you have a screen lock, you will need to enter your  PIN, pattern, or password.
  7. Then after, When prompted, touch Erase everything Option to erase or delete all data from your mobile device’s internal storage.
  8. Finally, When your device has finished formatting, select the option to reboot your device.
  9. Factory reset done on your mobile.



Coolpad Reset Codes


This code can be used for a factory data reset. It will remove the following things:

  • Google account settings stored in your mobile phone
  • System and application data and settings
  • Downloaded applications (Android Apps)


Think before you give this code. This code is used for factory format. It’ll remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage. It’ll also reinstall the mobile phone firmware.



Coolpad Soft Reset

  1. Press and hold Mobile Power button and wait until the Android phone turns off.
  2. Wait about 10 seconds.
  3. Now hold down the Power key for a short while, and wait until the mobile phone turns on.



Coolpad Password Recovery With Google

Unlock with Google security question

To reset the Screen lock pattern or reset your password with the help of your Google security questions, you must have an active Internet connection on your android mobile. This Password reset or recovery method is only work’s on android mobile devices.

  • After the number of failed attempts done on your mobile phone to unlock the device, tap Forgot pattern option ?.
  • After That, Tap Answer question.
  • Then, Type the google security answer, then tap Unlock.
  • Finally, If it shows Yes or No options, Tap Yes if you want to create a new pattern (PIN) or Tap No if you don’t want to use a screen lock.

Recover password with Gmail account



Unlock with Primary Google Account

This reset or recovery method is only work’s on Android mobile devices. You can reset or recover the password (Pattern or PIN) using your primary Google account. you must have an active Internet connection on your mobile phone to reset your password.

  • After you have entered the wrong unlock pattern number of times, wait above 40 seconds, then tap Forgot pattern? option.
  • After that, sign in using your primary Google account means Gmail account username and password.
  • Then, draw a new unlock pattern or PIN or type password, then tap Continue.
  • Finally, again draw the new unlock pattern or PIN and tap Continue.

Important Info: If you forgot your Google (Gmail) account username and password, you can recover or reset using the Google Account Recovery official page. Follow below link.

Gmail account Recovery Official Link



Why Need to Perform Factory Reset

Common reasons to perform a factory reset or hard reset :

  • To fix a malfunctioning electronic device (Like mobile or tablet etc).
  • To remove a file or app or virus that is difficult to remove on your device.
  • To clear or remove the memory space on the electronic device.
  • To clear or delete the configuration and settings of the electronic device to the factory default settings.
  • To remove or delete personal information from the device before selling or giving away the device.

Note:- a factory reset or hard reset or password reset may only hide data from the Operating System (OS ), So it appears it no longer exists. This is not the same effect as data deletion or formatting(Removing),  and may not, therefore, be wholly suitable in situations where the Electronic device changes ownership.


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